मैं तुम जैसी नहीं

मैं शक्ति हूँ,
मैं आत्मा की प्रवृत्ति हूँ,
मैं तुम जैसी नहीं।

मैं उस मशाल के जैसी हुँ,
जो जला सकती है
तुम्हारे अंदर के दानव को,

जो जलती है अंधकार में,
मैं उस दीपक के जैसी हूँ
जो निखरती है अंधकार में,
जिसकी गर्माहट ही, है तुम पर भारी।

मैं ज्वाला हूँ,
मैं चिंगारी,
जब तक मौन हूँ,
तब तक ही है तेरी दावेदारी।

मैं लौ हुँ,
जो एक बार धधकती,
जो स्वाहा कर सकती,
औऱ तुम्हारे अंदर के अहंकार को।

ऐसा क्यों,
कियूं की मैं तुम जैसी नहीं,
मुझे तुम कम मत आंको।

– श्रुति


बांध के गठरी,सिर पर पगड़ी,
देखो एक मुसाफ़िर चला,
कई मिलों तक चलता रहा
बस थोड़ी दूर, थोड़ी दूर,
यही ठान कर चलता जा रहा,

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अभी ये पाँव थकें नही,
एक पल को बस सुस्ता रही,

पर कब तक?
कभी तो ये पाँव थकेंगे,
कभी तो डगर पे छाले होंगे,

तब तुमको न रुकना होगा,
दो पल को संभलना होगा,

मन मे संशय घर कर लेगा,
तुम मत डरना बस सुस्ता लेना,
छाव देख कर मन भर लेना,

मंजिल तब भी दूर ही होगी,
डगर ये लंबी दिखेगी,

उन छालों को सहला लेना
अपने मन को फुसला लेना,
ये कह लेना पथिक हु मैं,
मुझको तो हैं चलते रहना,
बस थोड़ी दूर,थोड़ी दूर।

मंजिल तो मिलनी ही हैं,
राही आख़िर कब रुका,

न पतझड़ से डरा,
न तूफानों का भय हुआ,

थोड़ी दूर ही चलना होगा,
खुद से खुद को कहना होगा,

थक कर न रुकना होगा।
तू पथिक हैं काम हैं चलना।
मंजिल को तो पा कर ही रहना।।


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Stress, a mere word consisting of 6 letters but can lead to damage a human brain. It’s a common word we use to recite in our daily life but how it effect human is hazardous. The condition that causes stress is known as Stressors. Currently, I participated in a quiz over stress management, and the research results gave an indication that how stress is affecting employees in the organization. Their personal life got affected because of stress.


To understand what is stress properly, we need to understand the basic source of stress. The basic sources are:

  • The Environment
  • Social Stressors
  • Physiological Stressors
  • Thoughts

There are many kinds of stressors which employees have to face in the workplace. Some of them are:-

  • Social Stressors.

These are caused by Financial problems, Divorce, Loss of a loved one, Job interviews etc.

  • Environmental stressors.

These are caused by Weather, Traffic, Substandard Housing etc.

  • Physiological stressors.

These are caused by sleep disturbances, Menopause and Giving Child Birth

  • The Thoughts

Which came under negative stress are because of the mindset that you can’t cope with the situation.

Stress is good in small quantities but too much stress will only damage oneself. Stress management is about learning how to build skills that would enhance the adjustment of our bodies when we are exposed to life’s pressures.

Likewise everything, stress has its positive aspect too. Now the question is how and in which way?

Positive stressors include events such as Major life changes. The positive effects of stress include improvement in performance and efficiency in oneself.

Now when you can understand what stress is and its types, how to identify that one with yourself is stressed?

Here are some of the symptoms a stressed person shows:

  • The behavioural symptoms of stress are the individual starts eating more or less.
  • The individual starts sleeping more or less,
  • The individual isolates himself/herself from others.

How to reduce stress?

The answer to this question is- As per my perception, is to make a list of tasks, prioritize and budget time to handle them. The best way to handle the demands of others that are unrealistic and of low personal or family priority is too simple” learn to say NO”.

Another way is to try out some stress busters. It can be taken as trying to find something funny in a difficult situation or by developing a support Network and talking a mindful Walk.

We can overcome stress by proper Stress Management

To the people who are posting over mental health issues these days. To make a change, you have to change first. Start with your close ones. Check your close ones by talking. Stand for one at-least who needs your ear to listen. Then post suicidal prevention numbers over social media sites. When a person will be in trouble he/she will not call a random no. and tell them about what they feel. They will try to reach out to a close one, a friend. Be the change to make a change. Pick Calls. Reply to your dear ones on time. Make calls. If you love your dear ones try to understand them rather than taking the fun out of their condition. Mental health issues are sensitive thing. It can only be understood by having more compassion, empathy, care, and love.


Here I am attaching a shareable video of Neena Gupta where she is requesting to live and let live others in their own way. Spread Positivity.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


If knowledge is not giving you wisdom then it is for no value.If getting education is not broadening your mind,it is for no use.You could be a topper, a highest scorer in academics,you could be seated on a highest post in your organization but if humanity and sensitivity is not in oneself then your education is for no value.

Amidst this COVID-19 outbreak,mental health issues have came as a new epidemic for our society and world as well.We had made our-self this much busy in our lives that we had no time to look after our close ones though.I am reading and seeing posts related to depression,mental illness these days.Every next post is related to such topic. But is it enough to post a status or to just write something about mental health issues?

To the people who are in Depression and suffering the weird pain which only another depressed can understand.

Here are some lines for you:-

To build you into something new,god break yourself first.Masterpiece are always made this way!Brush yourself and recognize your worth!


We all live with many kind of pressure in our daily lives.It is important to talk to our friends our families about whats going on in our life and in our mind.The time has come when we should stop thinking about our-self only and to take a step forward to help others by giving them time by listening them.If you will talk to a depressed person you will get to know about the real fear they are facing.The real fear of depression is not dying,it is living with yourself, ‘Forever’.And this fear of them can only be vanished if we,the society will let them feel normal.

When we know a person is going through something,it becomes our responsibility to make them feel normal.To make them realize its okay to not feel okay for some-while. Here i am sharing the link of Akshay Kumar, where he is trying to explain the value of life through his own story that how he came this long in life struggling all the difficult times.Take positive from his words and live your life fullest.

Here i am attaching list of suicide prevention helplines across India because help is just a call away.

Hi, I’m Shruti. Previously a student,and a hobby writer.Currently trying to make a change in society by being a change in society.I spend most of my time with my thoughts,books and Family.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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Depression is something which can’t be seen in a person.It can only be sensed by talking to a person.You never know what a person is going through.One should always be kind with people.Knowing a person is disturbed and pinching them knowingly can lead to mental trauma.Be humble.Be kind.Be patient with people if they told you they are depressed.Listen to them.Talk to them.Its the only way to save a life from committing suicide.

Here are some signs which can help you out to identify you are suffering through depression:-

You’re continually bothered and furious.

Nothing fulfills you for in excess of a couple of moments.

Yelling at individuals is your preferred type of correspondence.

You attempt to keep away from discussions or eye to eye connection with individuals.

Your mouth harms when you grin since you’ve lost the propensity for doing as such.

You have no clue about what you’re doing with your life.

You’re everlastingly nostalgic about ‘past times worth remembering in light of the fact that in those days you had a thought regarding the bearing you needed your life to go and hadn’t messed it up so terrible yet.

You make arrangements to begin concentrating however consistently in ‘a couple of hours’ or ‘from tomorrow’.

You’ve had a hundred ‘last dinners’ before beginning that diet.

You read a great deal of self improvement guides yet don’t actualize anything.

You’ve followed at any rate twelve motivational records on Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, everytime you see a post and acknowledge you’re not going to do anything they state, you need to crush your telephone.

You marathon watch everything.

For a considerable length of time. Or on the other hand days.

You rest plan is absolutely obliterated.

You wake up feeling tired and spend the initial 20–30 minutes carelessly looking over web based life on your telephone.

You check your telephone after each 10–15 minutes to see whether somebody has loved/upvoted/retweeted anything you’ve posted.

Your sentiment of self-esteem is dictated by others’ approval.

You have no clue about what awakening new is.

When you wake up you want to nod off once more.

You squander hours via web-based networking media, following individuals and loathing them, parading their ideal life and holidaying far and wide.

You abhor your telephone/PC yet you can’t quit utilizing it.

You feel totally and totally useless.

That voice within your head discloses to you that you’re a finished disappointment and regardless of the amount you deny it, some place somewhere inside you know it’s most presumably obvious.

You in the end up with gloom and nervousness.

You attempt to abstain from meeting individuals and companions since you’re desirous and embarrassed about exactly how severely you’ve screwed your life up.

Every time you see somebody who was no one important in school/school having a superior life than you, you bite the dust only somewhat increasingly inside.

You wind up turning into an enemy of a social hermit who scarcely departs his/her room any longer.

You have this steady weight in your chest. Directly from the second you wake up till the second you nod off, it’s consistently there.

You have flashes of haziness when you need to hop off a structure or accomplish something similarly dumb.

You scan for something, anything that would propel or motivate you enough to break this pattern of sadness and self-hatred that you’re caught in.

You appear to be a wellspring of everlasting dissatisfaction to your folks and family.

As much as possible, see it in yourself as cheerful for the achievements of others, regardless of whether it is your companion or family.

You have definitely no trust in yourself. You don’t endeavor to converse with individuals, since why bother?They’re going to forget about once they find what you truly are.

The main love life you have is with yourself.

If you are having more than 15 signs mentioning here, kindly talk to your friend, relative, anyone. Seek help. There are therapist, doctors to listen you to hear you to calm you to help you out.

Remember no problem is bigger than your life.Speak up about what your feel. Speak up about what pain you are suffering through. Their is nothing more important than your mental wellbeing.

Human is a social animal. It is important to talk and we all should talk about mental illnesses. Society needs to understand that seeking help from a counseller or psychiatrist doesn’t proves a person mad. Talking about these things can only make a difference in society and in our lives.

The most important thing in life is Hope.

Hope is something which makes one keep going. Life would never be bed of roses only. Sometimes we have to make path through stones and thorns. Live your life!
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